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  • E’town man charged in Iowa court

    An Elizabethtown man has been charged in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, for failing to register as a sex offender.

    Bruce Anthony Myers, 43, appeared Thursday in U.S. District Court in Iowa on the charge that he knowingly failed to register as a sex offender between April 28 and May 17.

  • Photo: A busy buzzing
  • Vine Grove considers city hall repairs

    Vine Grove City Hall is feeling its age.

    The former Vine Grove elementary and high school building was built during the Franklin Roosevelt era by the Works Progress Administration, former mayor Donovan Smith said.

    The building might have been built in the late 1930s, but was more likely constructed in the early 1940s, he said.

    That time has subjected the building to structural and cosmetic concerns.

  • Senior Life: Ways to ease the caregiving conscience

    I suffer from “guilt-itis”, a condition I’m sure if diagnosed would consist of an overly active guilty conscience. I mull events and situations over and over again. My “condition” makes me stop and think about my actions every day. In almost every situation, I am left wondering if I said the right thing, did the right thing, or if I should have done something differently.

  • Berlin to Baghdad: Music career led Clark to the desert

    Paul Clark’s love for music has followed him throughout his professional career, and it was the primary weapon in his arsenal when he entered the Persian Gulf.

    The young music student, who now resides in Elizabethtown, was following his own template for life at Northern Arizona University when his trajectory drastically changed with one slip of paper.

    “After several years of study and still not getting a degree, Uncle Sam sent me a little letter and said ‘You’re drafted,’” he said.

  • Berlin to Baghdad: Harrington had love of military in her veins

    Allean Harrington was enamored with the military at an early age.

    Her infatuation began with a deep appreciation for the attractiveness of the uniforms.

    A random drive one day led her near the U.S. National Guard and Army Reserves recruiting offices. She drove past the National Guard but hit the brakes when she reached the Reserves office. She walked inside.

    Her life would never be the same.

    She joined the U.S. Army Reserves in 1977, serving more than 26-and-a-half years between active and inactive duty, retiring as a chief warrant officer.

  • Police chief interviews begin Monday

    After receiving 30 applications, Mayor Tim Walker said the pool to fill the soon-to-be vacant Elizabethtown Police Department police chief position has been narrowed to four candidates.

    Interviews begin Monday and will be conducted by a seven-person committee, Walker said. This committee includes himself, Chief Ruben Gardner and people from outside Elizabethtown.

    “If all goes well, we plan to be done next Wednesday then we’ll decide about doing any second interviews with the candidates,” Walker said Friday.

  • Teen uses sleuth skills for Gatton research

    For a research project that sounds as if it’s straight out of an Agatha Christie novel, a Hardin County student is looking to become the local (and younger) Miss Marple, Christie’s observant sleuth.

    Samantha McKean, a Cecilia resident attending the Carol Martin Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science at Western Kentucky University, is focused on decrypting coded messages found on a possible St. Louis murder victim. McKean and two other Gatton students will work with Bruce Kessler, associate dean of the Ogden College of Science and Engineering, on the project.

  • Radcliff man charged with illegal sex act with a minor

    A Radcliff man was arrested Thursday on charges of providing minors with alcohol and committing an illegal sex act with a minor under 16.
    Jake Alan Killion, 20, is charged with one count of first-degree unlawful transaction with a minor and two counts of third-degree unlawful transaction with a minor, according to the citation.
    The arrest warrant said Killion gave alcohol to minors and forced one of them to perform oral sex on him. Both of the children reportedly involved were younger than 16.

  • Buyers let residents cash in on belongings

    A cigar box jiggled with old and foreign coins when Dule Brown of Rineyville arrived on Friday at the Baymont Inn and Suites in Elizabethtown.
    Premiere Estates Buyers in Springfield, Ill., spent most of last week buying coins, precious metals and other items of value at the hotel. The opportunity gave area residents the chance to get rid of unwanted items and bring in some extra cash.
    For Brown, it was all about the hunt.